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Are your clients pleased by the fine quality service that you provide? Validating your clients' endorsement of you through Certification as a Senior Approved Service will increase your client base. Senior Approved Certification leads a family towards a service like yours side stepping the possibility of connecting with a less than desirable service.

If you serve the older adult, the disabled or those with chronic illnesses you may qualify for an independent consumer-driven survey process leading to certification as a Senior Approved Service.

You will not pay for clients, leads or referrals. You will not violate HIPAA or the Anti-kickback rulings. You will not pay for membership or advertising space.

Certifications are offered for medical, non-medical, alternative healing practices, housing, elder-law, and financial planners - virtually any type of business that reaches this population. "We are building the ultimate one-call solution," states Barbara Mascio, founder. "Seniors are need of many kinds of service, including lawn care, handyman services and so on. We save the headache of shopping around and completely remove the guess work."

Confident business owners recognize the benefits of being part of an exclusive network of Certified Senior Approved Services. See http://www.qualityeldercare.com/senior-services.html

Jean F. Wales, President of Wales Consulting LLC and Author of "Do It Now! An Organizing Handbook for Families and Senior Citizens writes Becoming a Senior Approved Service instantly raised the credibility of my book "Do It Now! An Organizing Handbook for Families and Senior Citizens. http://www.seniorsapprove.com/organizing.html

Ester Whitney, owner of Sweet Adeline's Home writes I feel I have been given a great opportunity to be the first Residential Home Care Provider to be approved by Senior Approved Services in the Dallas Area ? everyone has been impressed ? http://www.sweetadelineshomes.com/

Tony Latina and Peggy Schmidt, co-owners of Advanced Laser Solutions writes We have had nothing but positive feedback from the referrals from Senior Approved Services. They have been excellent to work with and we strongly recommend them. http://www.seniorsapprove.com/stop_smoking.html

Paul Stone, owner of Occasional Help for Seniors a general cleaning and handyman service writes We are so proud to be Certified as a Senior Approved Service. Putting this on our brochures, business cards and other advertisement pieces has clearly, without a doubt, increased our client base. Barbara is right; seniors need services but are afraid or confused about which one to call. http://www.seniorsapprove.com/occasional-help.html

See http://www.qualityeldercare.com/providers for details. Mention Savings Code 0630 when you apply for certification.

Barbara Mascio, Founder of Senior Approved Services - a National Network of Products, Resources and Services Endorsed by Seniors


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